Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flower Kimono

The first of many Spring 2011 outfits to come! I have been toying with the idea of a kimono for the girls for a while now. But I've just now finally gotten off my behind and done something about it!

A kimono just wouldn't feel right without an obi (belt), so I have attached a prim obi that once again attaches to your right forearm when you are holding your babygirl in your arms!

And as a special added bonus... 50% of each outfit will be put towards purchasing the Linden Bears for donations to the Japan quake and tsunami relief charities!

Find this and many other clothes at Sweet Penelope today! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Valentine

The newest mini-collection is here!

"My Valentine" features two sets of matching outfits. The first set is a lilac dress with ballerina slippers for the girls, combined with a zuit-suit and lilac vest for the boys. The second set is a red halter dress with rose straps and ballerina slippers for the girls, combined with a simple red silk vest over a white dress shirt and black slacks for the boys.

Available at the store today! :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Biker Princess!

A brand new release today, and oh my! No Burberry in this one?! Someone made a request for a leather jacket, namely a biker jacket. I really hope this is what they had in mind!

The boy's black leather jacket is simple and classic. It comes with a black t-shirt with skulls underneath, layered over a pair of dark denim pants.

The girl's black leather jacket has a bit of a harajuku influence. It is paired with a white skulls t-shirt and a pink lolita skirt, over a pair of fishnet tights and some thigh-high laced boots.

But if the harajuku look isn't quite fitting your babygirl? Well, the boy's jacket is unisex and can be worn by girls as well!

No prim attachments on these... Next? Valentine dresses!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink Burberry Coat

It's not quite warm enough for dresses yet. Not in most places, at least. So I'm continuing the winter line of clothing just for a bit longer...

This is a pink Burberry-esque print lolita coat. Complete with little heart-shaped buttons and a big pink bow, it's sure to keep your babygirl both warm and chic. Leggings are made out of fancy-printed cotton, and little fur-trimmed booties match the lolita coat.

And as always, this dress comes with a prim attachment: little pink fur coat collar fastened with a bow and ribbon.

Find it in the main store!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, better late than never, right? A week ago I released this little set of casual clothes themed after the ever so awesome Gorilla Unit, or simply... G-UNIT!

The collection came with two outfits each for boys and girls:

  • Heavyweight: Black hoodie with prim hood attachment option over a pair of dark denim pants.
  • White T-Shirt: With a nice casino theme for the boys, paired over a black thermal and dark denim jeans.
  • Gray&Pink: A gray girl's thermal with the G-UNIT feminine logo over dark denim. Comes with the prim black puff vest.
  • Gold: A white girl's 3/4 sleeve shirt with gold G-UNIT logo on front. Dark denim pants are accented with leopard cuffs.
The two outfits without prim attachments have been priced accordingly, as well! I think I will be doing this for all future outfits that don't come with a set of optional prim attachments!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Those Amaretto horses sure got popular fast... People love their breedable pets!

And yes, I have been listening in the Zooby group from time to time. People have said that their babies have nothing to wear while out on horseback with their kids.

I refuse to do cowboy things. I'm sure plenty of the Zooby affiliate stores out there will do very cute cowboy outfits. But... it's just not in the Sweet Penelope style. We here try to be cute and sophisticated rather than just cute.

Whether we achieve this or not is uh... totally another discussion. But! Instead of the cowboy outfits, we have put out equestrian wear very similar to the Pikeur jackets worn during riding competitions!

The outfit comes in three different versions: Two cropped jackets in tan for the boy and pink for girl, and a full-length jacket in pink for the girl. Lots of choices for you to pick from!

And of course they come with a very adorable little prim collar with a bow (tan or pink) to put on your baby while you hold him or her and ride that favourite Amaretto horse!